Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, Canada

Water Injection and Emulsion


Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, Canada

Operating Conditions:

0 psi to 1,400 psi 41°F (5°C)


Used for water injection


Cost-effective installation and reliable performance


Linepipe installation and supervision


3” and 4” FP301/ FP601

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“The Flexpipe product is very versatile in most applications and easy to install. The overall cost and performance of the product has exceeded our expectations to date. The company and employees are also well versed with lots of knowledge, and are very accommodating for short notice on additional product.” – Senior Manager, Beaumont Energy

Trench-less low impact pipeline for water-flood implementation

Beaumont Energy installed approximately 132 kilometers of pipe for water injection and emulsion line upgrades to implement a water-flood in the Kerrobert area. This particular area has a significant number of  existing pipelines that are either in service or abandoned. Due to the congestion and cost of mapping the known pipe infrastructure, additional labor, hydrovac services and potential farmland disturbance, it was determined that the most efficient method was a trench-less installation using boring or horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Flexpipe’s products offer many advantages over conventional materials used in HDD applications, and the customer was able to lower installation costs by approximately 30 percent.

Horizontal directional drilling is a trench-less construction method utilizing equipment and techniques from horizontal oil well drilling technology. HDD construction is used to install pipelines where conventional open trench construction is not feasible or will cause adverse disturbances to environmental features, land use or physical obstacles. HDD installations involve drilling a pilot hole, expanding the pilot hole by reaming, and pulling back Flexpipe. Up to 2,000 meters (6,500 feet) can be pulled continuously at a time. These advantages helped the customer lower installation costs and reduce environmental impact when compared to steel.