Reliable, High-Pressure Performance

Standing as the ultimate choice for demanding applications, Flexcord linepipe provides unrivaled production efficiency and unwavering reliability. Designed with the same 3-layer principles as our renowned Flexpipe product line, Flexcord’s helically wound galvanized steel cord reinforces its interior layer, ensuring the resilience needed against severe pressure cycles and pulsations generated by piston pumps.


Built for the most challenging applications

A testament to superior engineering, and surpassing industry standards set by CSA, API and ASTM. Flexcord is engineered for water handling, and enhanced oil recovery, and many more applications. The single continuous production process specialized for the entirety of Flexpipe’s product range guarantees a seamless combination of liner, reinforcement and jacket. 

Flexcord stands as a rugged, reliable and field-proven option. 

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