Oil & Gas Gathering

Providing a network of pipeline options for transporting oil and gas from multiple wells to a centralized location.


Aiding the transportation of high-pressure CO2 from central facilities to injection wells. Often part of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) systems.

Gas Distribution

Providing the delivery of natural gas to end-users through a system of pipelines operating at various pressures.


A method used in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) to improve the amount of oil recovered from a well.

Water Disposal

Conveying water from a central processing facility to a disposal well

Water Management

Moving source water from a well or aquifer to a facility for use in operations


Surface Line

Transports oil, gas or water in a surface pipeline from a wellhead to a manifold or production facilities.

Temporary Flow Back

Implemented as a temporary surface line and used to convey produced well fluids for processing and storage. Once complete, Flexpipe can be re-spooled quickly and easily for future use.
Download our TechTalk on Zero Discharge Temporary Flowback

Evaporation Pond

Requiring a water flow line from a processing facility knock-out drum to a constructed water evaporation pond.
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