Flexpipe is thrilled to share that our Flexpipe product line, as well as our Flexpipe HT product line will receive the API Monogram Certification in August 2023. Our Flexcord product line is set to receive the monogram by the end of 2023.

What does this mean for our pipes? Read our API Monogram FAQ to learn more.

Exceeding Standards, Assuring Quality.

Flexpipe’s commitment to customer satisfaction

At Flexpipe, our commitment to quality is unmatched. This is evident in our rigorously engineered and manufactured products that use proprietary, full-scale testing methods to ensure our linepipe continues to meet, and exceed, the industry standard for integrity and reliability.

Beyond Industry Expectations

Our rigorous application review process and robust product test programs guarantee exceptional quality and reliability across our offerings. By meeting the manufacturing standards of CSA, API and ASTM, we continue to expand our application envelope to address customer needs. 

Our Certifications:

API Spec Q1, 9th Edition: Composite Search 
API ISO 9001:2015: Composite Search 
API Monogram: Composite Search

Standards we exceed:

CSA Z662-23
ASTM F2686 
ASTM D2992.

Flexpipe stands tall as one of the leaders in composite pipeline technology worldwide. With our products surpassing industry standards and customer expectations. With over 50,000 km of Flexpipe installed globally, we strive to revolutionize pipeline technology providing more efficient solutions for your projects.

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