Midland, Texas, United States (Permian)

Flexpipe Provides Significant Cost Savings in the Permian


Midland, Texas, United States (Permian)


Oil, gas and water gathering

Project Scope:

Flexpipe High Temperature pipe used for gathering system


4” Flexpipe HT 301


34,408 feet (10.49 kilometers)


December 2013

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Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) had issues with poly pipe on their new well flow line applications, and wanted an alternative to steel pipe.


  • The poly pipe couldn’t handle the higher pressures the wells were coming in with, and they wanted the corrosion resistance that steel couldn’t provide. They installed trenched 4” FP301 HT for oil/gas/water flow lines from 6 new wells to a central header for gathering.
  • Availability: The pipe was readily available from Flexpipe’s Midland Solution Center which was less than 15 miles from the project location.
  • Installation Cost and Time: This size of project would have taken 4-5 times longer using 4” steel pipe and twice as long using fiberglass pipe. Flexpipe HT provided significantly lower installation costs.
  • Field Installation Support: The contractor was able to deploy the pipe quickly and safely. There was no need for heavy equipment on site which provided increased safety to the project. The system was up and running much quicker allowing OXY to sell product faster.