Southwest Saskatchewan

Transforming Helium Pipeline Infrastructure


Southwest Saskatchewan



Installation Method:



5” Flexpipe (FP601 HT)

Operating Conditions:

750 psi, 5°C-15°C


9 kilometers

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Installation Cost & Speed

Chosen for efficiency, Flexpipe offers swift installation and minimal downtime. The installation was complete within the requested timeline and met budget requirements, without compromising quality.

Corrosion Resistance

Flexpipe’s corrosion resistance was pivotal in North American Helium’s decision making process. Flexpipe offered long-term endurance and reliability to an installation with challenging operating conditions, while mitigating the risk of costly maintenance and repairs.

Field Support

With North American Helium being first-time composite users, the dedicated field support from the Flexpipe team was invaluable during this project, offering assistance and guidance throughout the installation process.

Technical Support

Due to Helium being a new application in Flexpipe’s portfolio, our team of dedicated engineers went through an extensive application review process with North American Helium so they can operate their pipeline with confidence.

Often faced with operating challenges due to internal corrosion when using traditional steel pipe, North American Helium sought out corrosion-resistant materials for their most recent installation, and ultimately chose Flexpipe.

Traditional steel pipe did not meet North American Helium’s project demands due to the challenging operating parameters and corrosion concerns. Flexpipe offered the much-needed solution, providing high-quality pipe resilient enough to meet the customer’s needs.

Flexpipe’s 5” FP601HT product was selected due to its unmatched durability, corrosion-resistance and operational flexibility. This addressed North American Helium’s challenges, while also providing efficient installation and superior performance.

As Nicholas Wenzel, Facilities Engineer stated, “with installation costs being lower than conventional steel line pipe, and not having to run corrosion inhibition programs, as a company we have decided that our pipeline moving forward will be composite pipe”. North American Helium has chosen Flexpipe as their composite pipeline provider of choice for their upcoming installations.