California, USA

5” Flexpipe to Replace Steel Line


California, USA

Operating Conditions:

400 psi, 80°F (2,750 kPa, 27 °C)


Sweet Gas Transfer


Line pipe installation, field support, engineering support, training

Installation Method:



9,000 feet (2,743 meters) of 5” Flexpipe HT (5” FP601 HT)

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“Having used the Flexpipe products for the last seven years, I was pleased to see them expand the line by offering larger diameter products. The new 5” installed the same as smaller diameters and offers the flow rates that were necessary for the job.” – Project Manager

In July 2020, a major operator in California deployed 9,000 feet of Flexpipe’s 5” Flexpipe HT in just two days.

This project was a replacement of a carbon steel line that had reached the end of its service life due to internal corrosion. The end user has installed over 1.5 million feet of Flexpipe products, but this was their first time installing Flexpipe’s 5” spoolable pipe.

Flexpipe is not just a linepipe supplier but a solution provider. With the operator’s history of trouble-free installations with Flexpipe, they can confidently say that Flexpipe is cost-effective, corrosion-resistant, and quicker to install than steel alternatives.

Overall, the customer was pleased with the products and service that Flexpipe provided and looks forward to continuing to work together in the future.