South East Alberta, Canada

Large Diameter Oil Line


South East Alberta, Canada

Operating Conditions:

1,440 PSI, 68°F (9,930 kPa, 20°C)


Oil Emulsion


Line pipe installation, field support, engineering support, training

Installation Method:

Open trench and bore


10,500 feet (3,200 meters) of 5” Flexpipe High Temperature (5” FP601 HT)

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“We are current Flexpipe supporters because of the quick installation time and because we never have to worry about corrosion issues. The 5” Flexpipe is the same product we know and love, but bigger.” – Facility Project Engineer, Torxen Resources Ltd.

Torxen Resources Ltd. has installed Flexpipe’s 3” and 4” spoolable, composite products for the last couple of years because of the ease of installation and its corrosion resistance.

In October 2019, Torxen installed 10,500 feet (3,200 meters) of Flexpipe’s newest product, 5” Flexpipe High Temperature (5” FP601 HT), in the hopes that the new larger diameter product would display the same benefits as what they typically install, with a higher flow rate.

Flexpipe’s packaging was an essential part of securing this job. The 12-foot reel height for the new 5” Flexpipe product reaps many benefits. Not only can more product be transported on one truck than other larger diameter pipe manufacturers, but there are also no special permits required on the road. It took Torxen just four trucks of product, with more than 3,200 feet (1,000 meters) of spooled pipe per truck to complete the entire project.

The 5” Flexpipe product is piggable with a non-metallic pig to ensure that the pipe is tested properly. Torxen took advantage of this feature by hydrotesting with the use of pigs to ensure the pipeline was ready for service. Non-metallic pigs can also be used for cleaning and maintaining all of Flexpipe’s spoolable products.

The installation speed of the 5” product is comparable to its smaller diameter counterparts with the benefit of higher flow rates. On average, it took Torxen Resources one hour to install each of the ten fittings from beginning to end. The complete system was installed at a rate of 1,640 feet (500 meters) per day.