Salem, West Virginia, United States

Injection/Water Flood System for Enhanced Oil Recovery


Salem, West Virginia, United States


Water flood system for enhanced oil recovery

Project Scope:

Flexcord used for enhanced oil recovery


2” FC901, 2” FP601 & 3” FC801


6.6 miles (10.6 kilometers)


August 1, 2014

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HG Energy had two separate pipeline systems for a project in West Virginia and chose Flexcord for these applications.

One pipeline system is for the injection of fresh water using a positive displacement pump at around 1,000 psi to injection wells, and the other for the production of an oil & water mixture via pump jacks at around 300-500 psi to storage tanks. They chose Flexcord for various reasons, including:

  • A 2” Flexcord product was the best fit due to the highly cyclic application
  • The pipe dimensions, as an ID larger than 2” would reduce flow velocity and cause solids to clog lines
  • Ease of installation and lower labor costs
  • The reliability of the pipe and no corrosion issues

Overall, HG Energy was most satisfied with how quick and easy Flexcord was to install, the lower installation costs, as well as the corrosion-resistant properties of the product.

“We have more projects coming up and we will continue to use Flexpipe due to the ease of installation and corrosion resistance”, Roger Heldman, Operations Manager, HG Energy