Pecos, Texas, United States

Gathering System Project


Pecos, Texas, United States


Linepipe installation and supervision


To install a 30 mile (48 kilometer) condensate line for a gathering system project


3” Flexcord (FC801)


Fast, safe and cost effective installation with future high pressure capability if needed

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“Flexcord is a great product, it’s a dependable, cathodically-free pipeline and Flexpipe provides exceptional customer service. We are installing a first grade product with no issues of corrosion for the future.” – Terry Gregson, VP Construction & Projects, Atlantic Midstream.

When Atlantic Midstream needed to install a new condensate pipe line they chose Flexpipe’s Flexcord for it’s reliability and ease of installation.

Atlantic Midstream had a low pressure condensate line for a gathering system project and chose Flexcord for this application. It was installed directly over a 12” high-pressure gas line that was separated by dirt and sand fill. They chose Flexcord for various reasons including:

  • its exceptional strength integrity and high-pressure capability if needed in the future
  • the durability of the pipe and no corrosion issues
  • ease of installation and lower labour costs
  • time savings from a quicker and safer installation
  • extremely reliable hydraulically crimped joints that are leakage free

Overall, they were very satisfied with how easy Flexcord was to install, its flexibility and the long lengths between coupling connections.