Douglas, Wyoming, United States

Significant Cost Savings in East Central Wyoming


Douglas, Wyoming, United States


Oil, water and gas gathering system


3” FP501 HT


2,000 feet per well pad


November 2013

Project Scope:

Replacing existing 3” steel pipe with 3” FP601 HT. The pipe will tie-in from the well to the separator, and the water, oil and blow down lines from the separator to the tanks.

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  • The pipe was delivered to the site in less than a week from the order date. Inventory levels at the solution center were changed to support future pipe and fitting needs. Rental equipment and field support were provided at a reasonable and local rate.


  • Approximately 12,000 feet of pipe was delivered on a single truck, lowering transportation costs. A 12K sky boom forklift can easily unload the pipe onsite. The customer was paying in excess of $14.50 per foot for SCH80 3” externally coated pipe. For each well, it took 2 welding crews, 5 roustabouts, and x-ray to complete it in 2 days. For Flexpipe, it took 4 hours and 4 guys to complete each well. The cost per foot for Flexpipe was more cost-effective, and the overall installation costs were drastically reduced.


  • Faster, easier, safer! The customer is building his own A-frame, FPS Certification for all and Crimp Kit rental from Grand Junction.


  • Less activity on each well makes for less cleanup and fewer personnel onsite, which makes it safer and more cost-effective.

The customer was looking for an alternative solution from the conventional way that has been common for years of tying in the wells to the separator and the water, oil, and blow down lines to the tanks.

The cost of buying short distances of pipe from a supply house was increasing. Welding, x-ray, and support was taking longer, and driving up installation costs. Even though all the lines were not going to see extensive pressure or temperature, the decision to go with FP601 HT would cover all the needs of the lines, with no confusion which pipe goes where. Welders were not completely taken out of the picture, and all risers were fabricated with a Flexpipe weld neck attached to it for a permanent connection.

“This was our first experience with Flexpipe and we were delighted with the product performance and the support Flexpipe provided during the installation” – Construction Manager