Cairo, Egypt

Flexpipe HT Chosen to Replace Corroded Steel Lines in Egypt



Operating Conditions:

2,000 kPa, 50°C (300 PSI, 120°F)


Emulsion Gathering


Contractor training and support, project execution

Installation Method:



25,000m (82,200 feet) of 4” Flexpipe HT (FP301 ht)

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Amr Tawfik, West Bakr Petroleum Company’s Maintenance General Manager expressed that Flexpipe’s professional execution team was one of the top reasons for choosing Flexpipe for this installation. “Flexpipe and their installation team were co-operative and easy to work with, proving that they are truly a partner” Tawfik also highlighted contractor-installed fittings as being a main feature for choosing to work with Flexpipe.

After the installation was complete, West Bakr reflected that low installation time and cost were the top two benefits of using Flexpipe. Overall, West Bakr was pleased with the outcome and is excited to9 partner with Flexpipe again on future projects.

West Bakr chose to replace ten corroded steel lines with Flexpipe’s High Temperature product for their latest crude oil transfer project.

West Bakr Petroleum Company (West Bakr) is a joint venture between the Egyptian National Oil Company and TransGlobe, based out of Cairo, Egypt.

25,000 meters of 4” FP301 HT was installed in the Eastern Deserts of Egypt. West Bakr operates in three primary oil fields which consist of oil wells, gathering lines and flow lines. The company had previously installed bare carbon steel for the gathering systems, which had significant corrosion issues due to the presence of CO2 and O2. West Bakr created a savings opportunity of up to $50,000 per year by not having to implement an expensive corrosion inhibitor program.

The 25,000 meter installation took 40 days from start to finish, including 20 days of hydrotesting. This challenging brownfield installation was done amongst significant existing infrastructure which highlights the advantages of flexible composite pipe. Thanks to Flexpipe’s continuous construction, no elbows or custom fittings were needed to complete the installation. West Bakr has done similar installations with carbon steel lines in the past, which have taken up to 5 times longer than Flexpipe.