Khor Al Zubair, Iraq

Evaporation Pond Project


Water flow line from processing facilities to water evaporation pond

Operating Conditions:

3.5 barg (50 psi) -15°C (5°F) to 82°C (180°F)


Flexpipe High Temperature: 4” FP601HT


Easy installation and industry leading corrosionresistance


Pipe installation, supervision and testing


Khor Al Zubair, Iraq

Additional Image

When other pipe couldn’t handle the corrosion, our pipe delivered performance.

Flexpipe succesfully installed the 4” High Temperature product (FP601HT) at Khor Al Zubair, Iraq, for Basrah Gas Company

The Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP) was required for the construction of an evaporation pond, involving the installation of the FCP from the knock-out drum to the pond.

The intended purpose was a water flow line from the knock-out drum to the North Rumailah evaporation pond. The project needed a product that could overcome the challenges of corrosion, schedule and cost. FP601HT was selected because of its versatile properties like corrosion resistant, UV resistant, high temperature and high pressure, spoolable composite pipe, cost effective alternative to steel, versatile size range etc.

The installation was performed by OilSERV, the leading indigenous Iraqi owned Oilfield Services Company, with a track record of operations in Iraw for the past 10 years. The lead time from placing the order through the delivery was less than four weeks. The 400 meter above ground installation of FCP was executed in less than a day meeting schedule requirements in a speedy manner.