Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, United States

Flexcord™ Anti-Buoyant Shallow Water Project


Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, United States


To replace a existing failed steel emulsion flowline from well to the central facility


2” Flexcord Anti- Buoyant


3,200 feet (975 meters) of Flexcord Anti-Buoyant pipe installation and supervision


Reliable remediation and cost-effective installation versus steel pipe

When a replacement of existing shallow water coated steel emulsion line was urgently needed, Flexpipe stepped up to the plate.

Dune Energy operates a 26 mile (41 kilometer) steel line that is inspected daily for leaks due to the naturally corrosive environment in the Garden Island Bay Oil and Gas Field. Leaks are difficult and costly to repair, offer safety challenges, and have added cleanup response requirements because the property is on water and it is a state park (Garden Island Bay State Park).

Flexcord Anti-Buoyant (FC AB) was selected to replace a failed steel line due to its corrosion-resistance, ease of installation, and the capability to sink in water. After the pipe was deployed, it successfully solved the issues Dune Energy was facing. The company and field personnel on site were highly impressed with the outcome and plan to perform future steel pipe replacements with FC AB.

“[Flexpipe’s Anti-Buoyant pipe] saved us a substantial amount on installation costs and provides us with a flowline that will last beyond the life of the well. It also gives us a method of repairing short sections of pipeline that leak, as opposed to dressing in sections of new steel pipe most often which has to be done underwater with divers and has proven to be an extremely difficult process” Leroy Kuhn, Production Manager, Dune Energy.