Watford, North Dakota, United States

A Well-Suited Solution


Watford, North Dakota, United States


Multi-phase liquid gathering

Project Scope:

Flexpipe Linepipe used to tie dual wells to central battery


4” 300 ANSI Flexpipe

Operating Parameters:

200 psi max; 100- 130 °F/37-54 °C

Project Timing:

August 2010

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  • Flexpipe liner and jacket are manufactured using bimodal pressure-pipe-grade high density polyethylene (HDPE) thermoplastic resin.
  • Flexpipe is immune to corrosion and eliminates the need for inspections and chemical inhibitor programs which reduces the operational costs of the pipeline system.
  • Nickel-coated fittings covered with Denso Tape and Paste increase external corrosion resistance.


  • Temperature requirements and service conditions of the pipeline precluded polyethylene as a viable option for the project.
  • Flexpipe does not require derating in higher temperature applications.
  • Flexpipe is compatible with an H2S content of 5% by volume in liquids (oil and/or water), gas or multiphase.


  • 5,400 feet/1,650 meters of 4” Flexpipe was deployed and installed in one day which allowed Newfield to have production online much faster than if traditional pipeline materials were used.


  • Flexpipe’s team of expert field technicians provides support services for the installation of Flexpipe products, including training courses, project coordination services, equipment rentals, onsite inspectors, and installation supervisors.
  • Experience managers and project coordinators are on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Newfield Exploration, an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, needed a cost-effective solution to transfer produced oil, water and condensate from a dual drill pad to an existing set of tank batteries 2,700 feet (825 meters) away.

Rather than build a new tank battery onsite of their drilling pad operation, Newfield sought an alternative method to gather the multi-phase production; it was decided that installing a pipeline system would allow for increased production capabilities. When comparing a composite system to other piping options, Flexpipe (FP) offered the best solution due to its corrosion resistant capabilities and installation efficiencies. Newfield also acknowledged that although this was not a sour application, any H2S could potentially pose a problem for polyethylene pipeline system. Newfield chose to install two 2,700 feet (825 meters) 4” FP301 lines running from the dual drilling pad to the nearby battery. The entire project took only one day to complete; a Flexpipe field technician trained the installation contractor and then continued to work alongside of the field team to install the lines quickly and efficiently. Flexpipe’s responsiveness to Newfield Exploration demonstrates the company’s commitment to excellent customer service and exceeding client expectations.